Which office suite to choose between Microsoft Office or Google?

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Write documents, send and receive emails , manage and store data, use a spreadsheet, prepare a presentation … Here are the common tasks of the modern man or woman! Whether young student or senior, employee or independent, assistant or executive, intellectual profession or manual worker, we are all forced to go through the office tools box. The choice is usually made or redone with a change of computer and two major trends are available today: the Microsoft Office suite or free applications from Google.

Microsoft Office or Google G Suite



In many areas, the choice between different solutions is only the consequence of a marketing influence that has made us more or less dream while reality is more like “white hat” and “white cap” as the features end up to converge towards the satisfaction of a kind of universal need. This is not the case for these tools where two visions and two distinctly different stories clash.

The Microsoft Office Bureaucratic Suite and its Office 365 Service

Microsoft anchors its positions in computers with a very powerful suite with thousands of features and data that is stored locally . This storage method may therefore be subject to data loss due to a computer bug or viruses such as ransomware or ransomware . The wealth of this suite is undeniable but the most brilliant users do not even use 1%! Office 365 with OneDrive’s online data storage is evolving in the direction of Google but the richness of the features ends up being contradictory with a 100% cloud usage where the slowness become binding.

The online suite Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms

Conversely, the Google suite is structurally in the clouds (in the ” Cloud “) with simplified applications that meet the needs of the majority of users. The data is accessible from any terminal or computer by means of an identifier and a password.

The choice ultimately depends on the profile of the user. Simple and limited needs will find their happiness in Google applications and advanced professionals will be able to exploit all the functional wealth of Office.