Vlc, the Swiss army knife

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Are you tired of downloading new codecs for each new video you watch? Windows media player does not want to read your holiday movie??

VLC is THE software you need to watch and listen to your multimedia content : movies, music, radio and television.

Vlc media player is a free software created by French students in 2001 under the association VIDEOLAN.

It is today THE reference of software: It is light and easy to install. Available for mac os, windows, linux, android etc …

VLC free download.

It allows you to play your dvd and mp3, but can also play network streams to watch DTT or listen to your favorite radio.

The installation of vlc

Once VLC downloaded (link above), start installation. All you need to do is follow the installation guide in French.

Attention, once vlc installed, it can appear under the name “videolan” in the list of your programs under Windows.

To play your dvd, or mp3, just launch VLC then go to the “Media” menu or “Mac File”, and click on “Open a file”.

The video with vlc

Vlc can read almost all the different video formats available on the internet: .avi, .mov, .mkv etc …

It manages the subtitles and the different languages ​​of your dvd.
You can adapt the screen format. In 2 clicks, you can go from 16/9 to 4/3.
The image is resizable live, without loss of quality .

You can also watch streaming video (live).

Go to the “Media” tab, then click “open a network feed”.
Simply paste the address “http: // …. From the remote stream and its visualization will launch.
You can, with this process, watch live television.

Open a network feed – vlc

I prepared a tutorial specifically for this; just click on the link below.
To watch TV on VLC.

Music and radio with Vlc

Just like for videos, vlc media player can read the many musical file formats: .mp3, .asf, .wmv, .wma etc …

Thanks to the “playlist” accessible via the “View” or “Window under Mac” tab, the different titles of your favorite album are displayed.

To listen to the radio is very simple. You need the stream of your favorite radio.

Examples of radio streams:

RTL : http://streaming.radio.rtl.fr/rtl-1-44-96
France Inter : http://www.tv-radio.com/station/france_inter_mp3/france_inter_mp3-128k.m3u
BFM : http://cache.yacast.net/V4/bfm/bfm.m3u
Virgin Radio : mms: //viplagardere.yacast.net/encodereurope2
RFM: http://viphttp.yacast.net/V4/player_rtl2/rtl2.asx
FIP: http://www.tv-radio.com/station/fip_mp3/fip_mp3-128k.m3u

Copy paste the address into “Media”, then “Open Network Stream”. And the radio starts.

If you have problems with VLC, do not hesitate to contact me.