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A company that puts its customers at the center of its organization and depends on their satisfaction eventually succeeds when they become its best sellers.

Super Geek’s corporate culture revolves around the customer, who is entangled in computer problems and will be saved by the technical advisors. The first technical support interventions started in February 2017 and hundreds of individuals and professionals have been serviced since then. At the end of September, about 250 people had expressed themselves in the satisfaction survey that was sent at the end of the intervention. All notices, absolutely all, are published on the site .

It seemed useful to summarize the echoes thus obtained. The expression of the ones and the others is rather heterogeneous, but it is very rich of lessons on the experience of the customers. They often pass us with a significant stress to a form of deliverance after the resolution of the problem. This evolution appears clearly in some of the comments collected.

Without trying to reach an impossible exhaustiveness, we have selected some testimonies by trying to group them according to the main themes expressed.

Immediate intervention, absence of displacement

First of all, the lack of movement and the immediate intervention that characterizes the remote computer troubleshooting were appreciated, whether by Raco who explains the July 10 ” I am surprised also the advantage that it brings me because it saves me from traveling “or Linda, in June, who” strongly recommends your services to anyone who needs a super computer specialist at home, without moving “. Similarly, Arnaud, on August 14, finds that the ” problem is solved in the day it occurred “.

Most people first try to solve the problems they face themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to dead ends. Isabelle had noticed it at the end of August, ” because of my computer problems, I was desperate … I had spent a lot of time solving them, my spouse too, but without results “, just like Rodolphe who told us May 6 have ” lost several nights on forums to try to arrange alone ” his problem.

Martine told us on June 16th her satisfaction and the contribution of Super Geek that breaks the technological isolation that some may encounter: ” Being disabled and alone in life, no one to help me, I was surprised to meet this advisor who gave me everything in working order .

Repayed or refunded

The most important promise we make is to reimburse customers we can not fix. Our slogan ” repaired or refunded ” is particularly appreciated when our technical advisors have made great efforts to repair the breakdown . Joel, September 11, has noticed the perseverance of his interlocutor who ” did everything to solve the problem. Unable to fix my problem, I was not charged. Thank you “, and Claudia, August 19, confirms the lack of debit and the reality of this guarantee :” It’s a pity that in the end the problem of my computer is physical. But I confirm that this is a trusted site. I have not been charged .

Low prices, flat rates and defined in advance

Our willingness to offer these interventions at very reasonable prices is recognized by our customers. Eric, May 23, ” Very good value for money “, Monique, July 6, ” The price / quality ratio is excellent ” and Arlhène, August 3, ” I am delighted to have finally found, without having to move and for a very good price, trusted pros “and all the others who trusted us have thus strengthened our pricing position.

The major difficulty in solving computer problems comes from estimating the work required to repair the failure. Any consumer worries when a provider drags on in an intervention that lasts a long time: the stress of the meter that continues to turn! The flat-rate approach that secures the customer is appreciated as expressed by Isabelle in August: ” a service not charged by the hour, but the solution of the problem “. On March 7, Jean Marc noticed the technical advisor’s commitment to solving the problem regardless of the time required: ” he was very efficient and did not slap the work even though he noticed the beginning that the work would be consequent “. Some interventions can last up to ten hours, but they always remain in the package initially defined.

Recognition of the results of a computer repair intervention

Customers’ recognition of the performance of their Super Geeks and the results obtained is the most rewarding result of an intervention. From the beginning of our operations in March, Marc had set the bar very high noticing that ” a drifting computer, Julien had made a race car “. On June 24, Coralie expressed her relief after a successful intervention : ” Total panic against my computer hacked … Thanks to the patience, listening and expertise of Super Geek, everything was saved and reset successfully. What a relief ! “. Similarly, in September, Gabriel had been confronted with a computer virus and expressed his satisfaction after the service: ” the counselors take the time to explain everything to you and the problem is solved “. Maxime was practically ecstatic July 1 by telling us “my computer works much better, much faster, much more powerful. I was on the verge of throwing it in the trash! “.

Examples of computer repair services

IT assistance services are very varied and we opted for a presentation of this diversity through their experience:

Paul, March 11: ” It may seem simple to uninstall an anti-virus like Kaspersky. Without Thierry’s intervention, I would still be looking for a way to remove it. “

Marie-Claude, April 13: ” I had a problem with my installation Ciel Gestion commercial. Network problem . Julien who intervened restored the situation in 1 hour. “

Michel, April 18: ” The speaker took the hand on my computer and fixed the problem of slowness . “

Yvan, May 2: ” Following a problem of wifi on my PC, Victor de Super Geek was able to resolve while the remote assistance Orange could not do. “

Martine, June 16: ” I had a big problem with my PC that was not working . David took hold of my computer and solved the problems. “

Linda, June 17: ” Solve computer problems of operating system change from Windows XP to Windows 7 and 10 while backing up your data . “

Nadine, July 3: ” Not knowing how to transfer and save photos from my laptop, I used your services. The technical advisor was very available, very attentive to my requests, ready to give me all the necessary explanations. “

Patrice, August 18: ” I recovered all my data on Windows 7 thanks to a powerful software and the attentive listening of the person online at Super Geek. “

Despite the effectiveness of Super Geek’s technical advisers and the high resolution rate, some people initially express legitimate doubts about this new approach. Maxime said he was ” a little skeptical “, but concluded with ” really, quality service “. Martine expressed the same feeling: ” Although initially skeptical, I can now say that I am completely satisfied. “

The novelty of the approach to remote computer troubleshooting usually puts users in a rather new situation where they entrust their computer to a technician they do not see. Beyond their technical skills , counselors must have human qualities adapted to this context.