Restoring the Windows 10 operating system

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The operating system of your computer has taken a dirty blow of old! The reasons are many … He has caught a big virus and is infected with all kinds of parasites and other unwanted intruders. He may also be tired of your innumerable manipulations in his settings and hacks in his records . It has also certainly suffered the onslaught of all these applications that you have installed and which have proved so greedy in configuration changes. Not to mention, these ugly drivers whose versions juggle with his nerves!

You do not know what annoys you the most: untimely blockages that occur at the worst moment, reboots that never end, delays that occur especially when you are in a hurry, error messages incomprehensible …

In short, it’s time for spring cleaning! You have browsed the forums on the Internet, you have read all kinds of documentations, you have consulted your geek relations and you have arrived at the obvious obvious conclusion: you have to restore your operating system so that it find all the vigor of his youth!

This relatively heavy operation can be conducted in a rather favorable context if you still have access to your computer despite its multiple failures. It becomes more complicated and risky for your data if your computer refuses to start!

Restoring the system from a restore point

You have access to your computer and your operating system allows you to go to the control panel. So you can try to recover an earlier situation from the time your troubles had not started yet: these are the restore points that are previous backups of your operating system that you can put back in place.

These system restore points were automatically created when you performed a system update, or you manually requested them as a precautionary measure before embarking on hasty hacks.

This restore retains your data and appears as a relatively simple solution when worries have been caused by a recent action.

Reset Windows 10

Resetting is another option when you have access to your computer. It is more radical than restoring the system because it completely reinstalls Windows 10 , removes the applications and drivers that you would have installed, and restores the original settings.

Before starting the reset, be aware that the computer will need to be configured and configured again . It is often a tedious job that is underestimated by users.

It is possible to request the preservation of his personal files to find them after the operation or, on the contrary, to have them deleted if they have been saved and that the computer then changes users.

It is also possible to reinstall the computer in its original state by restoring the factory settings and finding it, possibly, in an earlier version of Windows .

Bypass the computer lock

When you no longer have access to your computer because your problem is blocking and you can not even start Windows, you have to work around the pitfall with two actions:

First you need to find how to reboot the system from a DVD player or USB flash drive . These are the specific settings of your computer, usually BIOS settings, that indicate the boot sequence.

You must then provide a Windows DVD or produce a Windows installation media (DVD or USB key) from another operating computer by going to the Microsoft site.

The computer will not boot from the old Windows that is blocking but will boot from a DVD drive or USB memory stick with another version of Windows ready to install.

Creating an installation media

The installation media is a DVD or USB drive on which you have stored a downloaded Windows 10 operating system from the Microsoft site.

Your computer is down, so you need to do this from another computer. If you use the services of Super Geek, the technical advisers help you to produce this support at home or offer to send it to you by the post office if you have no other possibility.

Before downloading this support, you must be careful about the settings of the operating system that you are going to recover and check their compliance with your machine: language, Windows edition, 32 or 64 bits. In addition, the procedure is not quite the same for a DVD or for a USB key.

System restore or reinstall Windows 10 when your computer is stuck

You now have your installation media and you will be able to work around the blocking of your computer.

You have changed the BIOS settings so that you can boot from the DVD drive or from the USB flash drive.

The version of Windows that you have downloaded will launch and drive the process. As in the cases described above, you have the option to restore the operating system or reset it.