Ransomware or ransomware: a variant of viruses or a new challenge?

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A ransomware is a virus that reaches the computer and performs reversible damage in return for the payment of a sum of money. This damage often consists of encrypting user data that becomes inaccessible or blocking certain accesses and activities.

The payment of the ransom makes it possible to obtain the encryption key or to reactivate the blocked accesses. Amounts in the range of 50 to 100 € are usually requested. The sums are significant to generate substantial revenue to the authors when dissemination is important without being excessive to secure enough payments by the targets.

Creators of viruses who were net criminals who only sought to destroy become true cyber criminals profiting from their activities. The movement started apparently in Russia. Is it the local mafia that discovered the new economy or the hackers and other net buccaneers who discovered the profit? The answer is secondary and will be decided by the historians of the net. The important thing is to protect yourself well by applying the two key recipes: backing up all your data and updating your virus protection .

How to protect yourself from ransomware, cryptovirus and other malware?

Implementing an online backup solution can be an effective way to prevent ransomware and other malware that affects user data. The use of one of these remote server storage services, commonly called “Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” is useful to facilitate the recovery of personal data but does not protect the user in case of virus attack type ransomware or ransomware.

Setting up quality virus protection is necessary to protect your computer against computer viruses and bugs . Discover our services for secure your data and accounts and protect your computer . In case of virus attack or data loss, click on “chat with a counselor” or “or be called back” to be directly supported by one of our technical advisors.