Ransomware or ransomware: a variant of viruses or a new challenge?

A ransomware is a virus that reaches the computer and performs reversible damage in return for the payment of a sum of money. This damage often consists of encrypting user data that becomes inaccessible or blocking certain accesses and activities.

The payment of the ransom makes it possible to obtain the encryption key or to reactivate the blocked accesses. Amounts in the range of 50 to 100 € are usually requested. The sums are significant to generate substantial revenue to the authors when dissemination is important without being excessive to secure enough payments by the targets.

Creators of viruses who were net criminals who only sought to destroy become true cyber criminals profiting from their activities. The movement started apparently in Russia. Is it the local mafia that discovered the new economy or the hackers and other net buccaneers who discovered the profit? The answer is secondary and will be decided by the historians of the net. The important thing is to protect yourself well by applying the two key recipes: backing up all your data and updating your virus protection .

How to protect yourself from ransomware, cryptovirus and other malware?

Implementing an online backup solution can be an effective way to prevent ransomware and other malware that affects user data. The use of one of these remote server storage services, commonly called “Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” is useful to facilitate the recovery of personal data but does not protect the user in case of virus attack type ransomware or ransomware.

Setting up quality virus protection is necessary to protect your computer against computer viruses and bugs . Discover our services for secure your data and accounts and protect your computer . In case of virus attack or data loss, click on “chat with a counselor” or “or be called back” to be directly supported by one of our technical advisors.

Which office suite to choose between Microsoft Office or Google?

Write documents, send and receive emails , manage and store data, use a spreadsheet, prepare a presentation … Here are the common tasks of the modern man or woman! Whether young student or senior, employee or independent, assistant or executive, intellectual profession or manual worker, we are all forced to go through the office tools box. The choice is usually made or redone with a change of computer and two major trends are available today: the Microsoft Office suite or free applications from Google.

Microsoft Office or Google G Suite



In many areas, the choice between different solutions is only the consequence of a marketing influence that has made us more or less dream while reality is more like “white hat” and “white cap” as the features end up to converge towards the satisfaction of a kind of universal need. This is not the case for these tools where two visions and two distinctly different stories clash.

The Microsoft Office Bureaucratic Suite and its Office 365 Service

Microsoft anchors its positions in computers with a very powerful suite with thousands of features and data that is stored locally . This storage method may therefore be subject to data loss due to a computer bug or viruses such as ransomware or ransomware . The wealth of this suite is undeniable but the most brilliant users do not even use 1%! Office 365 with OneDrive’s online data storage is evolving in the direction of Google but the richness of the features ends up being contradictory with a 100% cloud usage where the slowness become binding.

The online suite Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms

Conversely, the Google suite is structurally in the clouds (in the ” Cloud “) with simplified applications that meet the needs of the majority of users. The data is accessible from any terminal or computer by means of an identifier and a password.

The choice ultimately depends on the profile of the user. Simple and limited needs will find their happiness in Google applications and advanced professionals will be able to exploit all the functional wealth of Office.

Restoring the Windows 10 operating system

The operating system of your computer has taken a dirty blow of old! The reasons are many … He has caught a big virus and is infected with all kinds of parasites and other unwanted intruders. He may also be tired of your innumerable manipulations in his settings and hacks in his records . It has also certainly suffered the onslaught of all these applications that you have installed and which have proved so greedy in configuration changes. Not to mention, these ugly drivers whose versions juggle with his nerves!

You do not know what annoys you the most: untimely blockages that occur at the worst moment, reboots that never end, delays that occur especially when you are in a hurry, error messages incomprehensible …

In short, it’s time for spring cleaning! You have browsed the forums on the Internet, you have read all kinds of documentations, you have consulted your geek relations and you have arrived at the obvious obvious conclusion: you have to restore your operating system so that it find all the vigor of his youth!

This relatively heavy operation can be conducted in a rather favorable context if you still have access to your computer despite its multiple failures. It becomes more complicated and risky for your data if your computer refuses to start!

Restoring the system from a restore point

You have access to your computer and your operating system allows you to go to the control panel. So you can try to recover an earlier situation from the time your troubles had not started yet: these are the restore points that are previous backups of your operating system that you can put back in place.

These system restore points were automatically created when you performed a system update, or you manually requested them as a precautionary measure before embarking on hasty hacks.

This restore retains your data and appears as a relatively simple solution when worries have been caused by a recent action.

Reset Windows 10

Resetting is another option when you have access to your computer. It is more radical than restoring the system because it completely reinstalls Windows 10 , removes the applications and drivers that you would have installed, and restores the original settings.

Before starting the reset, be aware that the computer will need to be configured and configured again . It is often a tedious job that is underestimated by users.

It is possible to request the preservation of his personal files to find them after the operation or, on the contrary, to have them deleted if they have been saved and that the computer then changes users.

It is also possible to reinstall the computer in its original state by restoring the factory settings and finding it, possibly, in an earlier version of Windows .

Bypass the computer lock

When you no longer have access to your computer because your problem is blocking and you can not even start Windows, you have to work around the pitfall with two actions:

First you need to find how to reboot the system from a DVD player or USB flash drive . These are the specific settings of your computer, usually BIOS settings, that indicate the boot sequence.

You must then provide a Windows DVD or produce a Windows installation media (DVD or USB key) from another operating computer by going to the Microsoft site.

The computer will not boot from the old Windows that is blocking but will boot from a DVD drive or USB memory stick with another version of Windows ready to install.

Creating an installation media

The installation media is a DVD or USB drive on which you have stored a downloaded Windows 10 operating system from the Microsoft site.

Your computer is down, so you need to do this from another computer. If you use the services of Super Geek, the technical advisers help you to produce this support at home or offer to send it to you by the post office if you have no other possibility.

Before downloading this support, you must be careful about the settings of the operating system that you are going to recover and check their compliance with your machine: language, Windows edition, 32 or 64 bits. In addition, the procedure is not quite the same for a DVD or for a USB key.

System restore or reinstall Windows 10 when your computer is stuck

You now have your installation media and you will be able to work around the blocking of your computer.

You have changed the BIOS settings so that you can boot from the DVD drive or from the USB flash drive.

The version of Windows that you have downloaded will launch and drive the process. As in the cases described above, you have the option to restore the operating system or reset it.

The word is for users of computer repairs

A company that puts its customers at the center of its organization and depends on their satisfaction eventually succeeds when they become its best sellers.

Super Geek’s corporate culture revolves around the customer, who is entangled in computer problems and will be saved by the technical advisors. The first technical support interventions started in February 2017 and hundreds of individuals and professionals have been serviced since then. At the end of September, about 250 people had expressed themselves in the satisfaction survey that was sent at the end of the intervention. All notices, absolutely all, are published on the site www.supergeek.fr/avis .

It seemed useful to summarize the echoes thus obtained. The expression of the ones and the others is rather heterogeneous, but it is very rich of lessons on the experience of the customers. They often pass us with a significant stress to a form of deliverance after the resolution of the problem. This evolution appears clearly in some of the comments collected.

Without trying to reach an impossible exhaustiveness, we have selected some testimonies by trying to group them according to the main themes expressed.

Immediate intervention, absence of displacement

First of all, the lack of movement and the immediate intervention that characterizes the remote computer troubleshooting were appreciated, whether by Raco who explains the July 10 ” I am surprised also the advantage that it brings me because it saves me from traveling “or Linda, in June, who” strongly recommends your services to anyone who needs a super computer specialist at home, without moving “. Similarly, Arnaud, on August 14, finds that the ” problem is solved in the day it occurred “.

Most people first try to solve the problems they face themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to dead ends. Isabelle had noticed it at the end of August, ” because of my computer problems, I was desperate … I had spent a lot of time solving them, my spouse too, but without results “, just like Rodolphe who told us May 6 have ” lost several nights on forums to try to arrange alone ” his problem.

Martine told us on June 16th her satisfaction and the contribution of Super Geek that breaks the technological isolation that some may encounter: ” Being disabled and alone in life, no one to help me, I was surprised to meet this advisor who gave me everything in working order .

Repayed or refunded

The most important promise we make is to reimburse customers we can not fix. Our slogan ” repaired or refunded ” is particularly appreciated when our technical advisors have made great efforts to repair the breakdown . Joel, September 11, has noticed the perseverance of his interlocutor who ” did everything to solve the problem. Unable to fix my problem, I was not charged. Thank you “, and Claudia, August 19, confirms the lack of debit and the reality of this guarantee :” It’s a pity that in the end the problem of my computer is physical. But I confirm that this is a trusted site. I have not been charged .

Low prices, flat rates and defined in advance

Our willingness to offer these interventions at very reasonable prices is recognized by our customers. Eric, May 23, ” Very good value for money “, Monique, July 6, ” The price / quality ratio is excellent ” and Arlhène, August 3, ” I am delighted to have finally found, without having to move and for a very good price, trusted pros “and all the others who trusted us have thus strengthened our pricing position.

The major difficulty in solving computer problems comes from estimating the work required to repair the failure. Any consumer worries when a provider drags on in an intervention that lasts a long time: the stress of the meter that continues to turn! The flat-rate approach that secures the customer is appreciated as expressed by Isabelle in August: ” a service not charged by the hour, but the solution of the problem “. On March 7, Jean Marc noticed the technical advisor’s commitment to solving the problem regardless of the time required: ” he was very efficient and did not slap the work even though he noticed the beginning that the work would be consequent “. Some interventions can last up to ten hours, but they always remain in the package initially defined.

Recognition of the results of a computer repair intervention

Customers’ recognition of the performance of their Super Geeks and the results obtained is the most rewarding result of an intervention. From the beginning of our operations in March, Marc had set the bar very high noticing that ” a drifting computer, Julien had made a race car “. On June 24, Coralie expressed her relief after a successful intervention : ” Total panic against my computer hacked … Thanks to the patience, listening and expertise of Super Geek, everything was saved and reset successfully. What a relief ! “. Similarly, in September, Gabriel had been confronted with a computer virus and expressed his satisfaction after the service: ” the counselors take the time to explain everything to you and the problem is solved “. Maxime was practically ecstatic July 1 by telling us “my computer works much better, much faster, much more powerful. I was on the verge of throwing it in the trash! “.

Examples of computer repair services

IT assistance services are very varied and we opted for a presentation of this diversity through their experience:

Paul, March 11: ” It may seem simple to uninstall an anti-virus like Kaspersky. Without Thierry’s intervention, I would still be looking for a way to remove it. “

Marie-Claude, April 13: ” I had a problem with my installation Ciel Gestion commercial. Network problem . Julien who intervened restored the situation in 1 hour. “

Michel, April 18: ” The speaker took the hand on my computer and fixed the problem of slowness . “

Yvan, May 2: ” Following a problem of wifi on my PC, Victor de Super Geek was able to resolve while the remote assistance Orange could not do. “

Martine, June 16: ” I had a big problem with my PC that was not working . David took hold of my computer and solved the problems. “

Linda, June 17: ” Solve computer problems of operating system change from Windows XP to Windows 7 and 10 while backing up your data . “

Nadine, July 3: ” Not knowing how to transfer and save photos from my laptop, I used your services. The technical advisor was very available, very attentive to my requests, ready to give me all the necessary explanations. “

Patrice, August 18: ” I recovered all my data on Windows 7 thanks to a powerful software and the attentive listening of the person online at Super Geek. “

Despite the effectiveness of Super Geek’s technical advisers and the high resolution rate, some people initially express legitimate doubts about this new approach. Maxime said he was ” a little skeptical “, but concluded with ” really, quality service “. Martine expressed the same feeling: ” Although initially skeptical, I can now say that I am completely satisfied. “

The novelty of the approach to remote computer troubleshooting usually puts users in a rather new situation where they entrust their computer to a technician they do not see. Beyond their technical skills , counselors must have human qualities adapted to this context. 

Black screen Windows 10: how to get out?

The black screen of a PC is the natural expression of the digital “I am off”. But this state is very annoying when it appears in full startup of the computer. Novice users are quickly confused by a black screen that lasts and does not give way to the comforting desktop of Windows 10. Why does Windows 10 no longer start ? How long is the wait ? What are the tips and solutions for getting out? Is this serious doctor?

Simple cases to solve the problem of the black screen

It is useful but not glorious to remember that a black screen may be the result of a power failure. The check-list of the computer troubleshooter always includes in good position the verification of the cables (power supply and connection) and the confirmation that the switch is well lit.

Do not forget to check the power supply

The encounter between an impatient user and a lazy Windows is often a source of misunderstanding. The black screen of the PC is only the temporary manifestation of intense activity. The boot of the operating system.is much slower than expected but no information is communicated. Just wait until the hard drive emits frequent and non-cyclic sounds. Microsoft, in a very modest way, describes this phase: “It is possible that your computer finalizes some updates or that it is busy performing a task” .

The Ctrl + Alt + Del combination that removes the Windows 10 black screen

Do not hesitate to operate the three keys Ctrl, Alt and Del simultaneously. They can bring up a blue window and give access among others to the task manager . It is then possible to run a new task from the File tab and launch explorer.exe to switch from the black screen to the Windows 10 desktop.

Ctrl Alt Delete to resume control

More generally, the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys allow you to get your hands back , view current applications, access the various services and start or stop programs that could unlock the situation.

Create the explorer.com task

The combination of Windows keys + Ctrl + Shift + B

In the case of a keyboard connected the combination of Windows keys, Ctrl, Shift and the letter B can reactivate the screen.

The connection of an external screen and the “project” option

Troubleshooting a computer can be confusing when visibility on what is happening is reduced by a black screen . The connection of an external screen can allow to advance in the diagnosis and to carry out several operations presented in the rest of this document.

Simple handling, in relation to a second screen, must be attempted in all cases. It is a matter of pressing the Windows key and the letter P at the same time to make the “project” screen appear. Sometimes the operating system incorrectly detects an external display and turns off the first one while thinking about displaying on the second one. The black screen of the PC comes from this error. It is then sufficient to correct the anomaly by reactivating the correct display.

A quick fix for the black screen of a laptop

One of the great classics of laptops is to make them lose their memory so that they forget the bad settings at the origin of certain anomalies. To do this, remove the battery, disconnect the power supply and press the on / off button for about 30 seconds .

Very often, restarting after connecting the power supply alone restores a normal situation and removes the causes that caused the black screen .

Black screen or poor brightness setting?

Another cause, seemingly innocuous, causes the black screen under Windows 10. For obscure reasons, a failure sometimes reduces the brightness to zero . This is the black screen or the black screen !

This anomaly is as disconcerting as the simplicity of its resolution: it is indeed enough to increase the brightness that it is by the keys of the keyboard, the adjustment of the parameters of the display or the external buttons.

Ecran noir Réglage de la luminosité 300x122

Check the brightness

Restart in safe mode

It may become necessary to start in safe mode , when other attempts have failed. Safe Mode can be enabled in different ways when starting Windows 10 with the F5 function or the power button and the Shift key.

When the black screen of the PC prevents any restart or access to Windows 10, you must create an installation media (a USB key or a DVD) that will be used to launch the operating system. The media is produced on another computer and is used to store a bootable version of the exploitable system from which the failed computer can boot.

Create a recovery media

The graphics card drivers behind the black screen

A common cause of the Windows 10 black screen is the malfunction of the graphics card driver. This anomaly usually occurs after an update of Windows Update that automatically installs a new buggy version of the driver.

You must then uninstall the driver by going to the device manager and selecting the line that is under graphics cards. It may be necessary to make several attempts attempting the uninstallation, deactivation or restoration.

Graphics card drivers

Finally, in some situations, it may be necessary to disable the automatic update of Windows to prevent the offending driver from coming back again cause this black screen.

Black screen: the restoration of Windows 10

This is to restore the PC by returning to a previous point in time that corresponds to normal operation of the computer without black screen . Restore points are created when you install a Windows application, driver, or update. These points can be used to return to a normal situation.

Access to System Restore

Restoring Windows 10 is another way to solve the previously mentioned driver issues.

Microsoft support recommendations to solve the problem

It is always helpful to visit the Microsoft support site, which contains some additional leads. For example, it is suggested to stop single-threaded processes in the task manager (RunOnce instances), disable quick start, or disable high contrast in settings.

Hardware failures causing the black screen

Even if hardware is more and more reliable, sometimes the cause of the PC’s black screen is a failure of the graphics card or component.

The repair is easier in the case of a desktop computer where it is possible to change a card and have easy access to all components. The same operation is more complex for a laptop where everything is very integrated and where disassembly must be done by a professional.

The sources of the hardware problems of the black screen , in the case of the laptop PC, are at the level of the inverter which is a voltage converter, the web that connects the screen to the motherboard and which can be sectioned and of the slab which is the support of the images.


Analysis of the protection of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a software created to detect and remove malware. It was broadcast for the first time to the general public in January 2008.

Malwarebytes Image 1 624x258

A free version of Malwarebytes is available, scanning and destroying malware (mainly Trojans and spyware). This free version of Malwarebytes will be the focus of our analysis.

Malwarebytes also exists in paid version   It allows you to run scheduled scans and provides real-time protection and online browsing protection (blocking malicious pages). In its premium version, Malwarebytes acts as an anti-virus in its own right. Its use remains compatible in complementarity with another anti-virus software.

Be guided in this analysis of the protection of Malwarebytes for Windows.

1. How to download Malwarebytes

Our usual recommendation would be to download your software directly from their publishers.

Malwarebytes is broadcast by the California company … Malwarebytes Corporation based in San Jose. You can download your software directly from their website https://www.malwarebytes.com/.

Malwarebytes is a free software with integrated purchases, it can be downloaded from technology information sites or download. It is imperative to favor sites with high notoriety such as 01net.com , or commentcamarche.com or clubic.com.

Do not download Malwarebytes from suspicious sites, free downloads, or servers that share files. These are real nests housing all kinds of adware and malware.

2. General structure of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes - Image 2

The Malwarebytes main menu (left column) is organized around five functions:

– Dashboard ;

– Analysis;

– Quarantine;

– Reports ;

– Settings.

A. Dashboard

State pane

The status pane of your dashboard provides an overview of the program . It allows you to run a quick scan (by clicking Scan Now ). We will see in the following sections how to set up this analysis.

Real-time protection

You’ll also find the Real-time Protection options, which is only available with the premium version of Malwarebytes, and includes:

– Web protection :

Detects spyware before they can steal your identity.

– Protection against exploits :

Protection against malicious sites when you surf the web.

– Protection against malware :

Automatically blocks malware attacks.

– Protection against ransomware :

Prevents ransomware from locking your files.

State of the analysis

Gives you information about the scans : the date of the last scan and the date of the next scheduled scan, and the number of infected objects detected during the scan.


You can manage Malwarebytes updates in this tab.

B. Analysis

Malwarebytes - Image 3

The Analysis function allows you to quickly launch an analysis, and manage the planning of your analyzes.

Type of analysis

Three modes of analysis are proposed:

– Threat Analysis :

Most complete analysis. It analyzes all locations that may harbor malware, including memory, boot, registry, and file system objects.

– Custom analysis :

Custom analysis allows you to choose the objects (memory, boot and register) and locations to scan. You can customize Program Processing (PUP) and Potentially Unwanted Modification (PUM).

– Quick analysis :

This function is only available with the premium version of Malwarebytes. It allows you to run a quick scan of memory and startup objects for active malware.

Analysis planning

Malwarebytes - Image 3.2

This tab allows you to manage how often and how scheduled scans run on your system.

C. Quarantine

When you start an analysis and Malwarebytes detects suspicious items, it quarantines them. Once in quarantine, they are no longer a threat. You can restore or delete these items. Items deleted from Quarantine will be permanently deleted from your computer.

Note that these are only items considered suspicious. They are not necessarily a threat.

D. Proceedings

Malwarebytes - Image 5

The Reports pane displays a list of real-time protection scans and detections in reverse chronological order. The analysis reports are reports summarizing the specified analysis . All other reports listed on this screen are details of detections made by real-time protection, and therefore available only with the paid version of Malwarebytes.

Viewing reports

You can view any report by clicking the log to select it, and then clicking the View Log button.

– Summary

You will find here the summary of the report of your analysis .

Malwarebytes - Image 5.2

Please note that an Export button is displayed in the lower left corner of this screen. This allows you to make a copy of the log for use by other programs. You can export to your clipboard or to a text file (TXT).

– Advanced

Malwarebytes - Image 5.3

Newspaper detail

This section groups the results of the scan , the date and time of the scan , the location of the log file, and the user who ran the scan .

System information

Information about your system (operating system, processor, type of file system and user).

Analysis options

Options selected during the scan : Memory, Boot, File System, Archive, Rootkits, Heuristic, PUP and PUM.

Software information

Information about the version of Malwarebytes used (version, type of license, …).

Summary of the analysis

This is where the information about the analysis is located : type of analysis, origin of the launch (manual or schedule), results, number of objects scanned, threats detected, quarantined, and elapsed time.

Deleting reports

To delete the logs, select the check box corresponding to the logs that you want to delete, and then click the Delete button. Computers with significant threat activity will have larger logs. You should periodically check the amount of disk space used for the logs so that they do not affect the normal operation of your computer.

E. Settings


Malwarebytes - Image 6

Application Updates

This is where you manage the Malwarebytes update options .

The first toggle switch lets you choose to automatically download and install application component updates.

The second toggle switch lets you be notified when full version updates of Malwarebytes are available.

Click Install Application Updates to check for available updates or program upgrades.

– Notifications

Here you can manage your notification settings .

– Impact of the analyzes on the system

Here you can choose to give priority to manually initiated scans . By choosing this option, you reduce the duration of manually initiated scans, however at the expense of background tasks. On the contrary, you can reduce the priority of manual scans to improve multitasking.

– Windows context menu

Displays a Malwarebytes icon in Windows Explorer.

– Show language

Choose the language of the program.

– Event log data

This setting provides additional information about program actions that go beyond the user’s usual needs. If you have a technical problem with Malwarebytes, service engineers may ask you to enable this setting to provide additional troubleshooting information. The default setting is disabled.

– Proxy server

You can specify here whether you are using a proxy server.


Did you know ?

Generally used on a corporate network, the proxy server has two main purposes. The first is to channel communications to and from the outside world via a single point of connection, ensuring the anonymity of all computers on the internal network. The second goal is to cache the content. This means that the external content that was recently downloaded is saved locally for a period of time and subsequent requests from that user (or others) will be able to use the newly saved data. This maintains a high bandwidth, which reduces operating costs.


By default, Malwarebytes does not use a proxy. If you enable this option, the bottom panel will change to provide the configuration options.

You can now specify the IP address or name of a proxy server, as well as the appropriate port number. If a proxy is used, the name and port number must be specified by the person who controls access to the proxy server. It will also tell you if authentication is required to use the server and, if necessary, provide you with a username and password.

– User access

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes .

– Windows Notification Center

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes .

– Beta application updates

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes .

– Statistics on use and threats

This tab allows you to choose whether you want to share your usage data with Malwarebytes for program improvement purposes.

You can view their privacy policy if you want to know more about sharing data.

You can restore the default settings of the Application tab at any time.


Malwarebytes - Image 8

– Real-time protection

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes .

– Analysis options

Search for rootkits

Rootkit search uses a specific set of rules and tests to determine if a rootkit is present on your computer . For readers who do not know this term, an explanation can be helpful. A rootkit is malicious software that can be placed on a computer and has the ability to modify operating system files in a manner that hides its presence. By enabling rootkit scanning , the scan method is more intensive and more efficient , but the time required to perform an analysis increases .

Analyze archives

When Analyze archives is enabled, Malwarebytes analyzes four levels of depth in archive files (ZIP, RAR, 7Z, CAB, and MSI). If this option is disabled, the archive is excluded from the scan. Please note that encrypted archives can not be fully tested.

Use signature-independent anomaly detection for enhanced protection

This is a new detection method called Shuriken 2.0 (so catchy). This technology uses machine learning to complement existing detection methods.

– Protection against potential threats

In addition to malware detection and removal, Malwarebytes also detects and acts on two classes of non-malicious software . These are potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and potentially unwanted modifications (PUMs). In many cases, PUPs appear as toolbars and other application software installed on your computer as part of a bundle. You may have asked for an app, and she came up with a second app that was not mentioned, or that was mentioned, but you did not uncheck the box next to it to prevent it from being installed at the same time. You can also use the PUP. No judgment.

The PUM are a little different. These are changes that are usually related to the Windows registry. As a user, you will not generally make changes to the registry that could be considered PUM. No offense.

For both types of modifications, three methods of manipulation are proposed:

Ignore detections

No action during detection and you will not be alerted.

Warn the user

You will be notified of the detection and you can choose to ignore it, create an exclusion or treat it as malicious software.

Always detect PUP / PUM

The detection will be treated as malware and corrective actions will occur.

While both PUPs and PUMs are treated the same, each is managed according to separate guidelines that you specify.

– Updates

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes .

– Startup options

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes . You can still choose to launch (or not) Malwarebytes at Windows startup.

– Automatic quarantine

Available only with the premium version of Malwarebytes .

You can restore the default settings of the Protection tab at any time.

Analysis planning

Malwarebytes - Image 9

This is where you can manage the planning of your analyzes.


Malwarebytes - Image 10

Here you can manage the list of items that will be excluded from detection.

Account Information

Malwarebytes - Image 11

Here you will find information about the account:

Your device name, Malwarebytes edition used, status and expiration date. You will find a link to your online account, which allows you to upgrade Malwarebytes.


Malwarebytes - Image 12

All information relating to Malwarebytes, the company, …

3. Premium version

Malwarebytes Premium includes four levels of real-time protection :

– They automatically block malware attacks .

– They prevent ransomware from locking your files .

– They protect you from malicious sites when you surf the web.

– They detect spyware before they can steal your identity.

Malwarebytes Premium automatically informs you of malicious threats detected.

Also, by upgrading to the premium version of Malwarebytes, you can customize and program your analyzes .

4. What conclusion for Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is a small free tool of complementary protection to your antivirus . Easy to use , it allows you to quickly launch a scan to detect possible infections that your anti-virus would not have noticed. In our case, which is that of the average and moderate individual, no threat has been detected. In other words, as part of a “normal” activity, your anti-virus alone is enough. Malwarebytes is therefore especially useful for computers that have risky activities and are therefore subject to attack.

Malwarebytes has nevertheless detected some PUM and PUP actually obsolete. The free version therefore remains relevant for any type of user . And then, a little scan on occasion never hurts.

5. Advice and assistance

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