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Why take a screenshot?

The screenshot allows you to freeze your computer.screen in a file.

An error message appears on the screen and you want to communicate it to your computer repairer?
Rather than describing the message on a piece of paper, take a screenshot of your screen and send it to your repairer.

How to make a screenshot?

By default, Windows and Mac OS operating systems allow you to take screenshots.

Screenshot in Windows:

To capture your entire screen click on the ” Print ” button (or ” Scrn ” or ” Syst screen print ” depending on the type of keyboard you have).

If you want to capture only part of your screen , you have to press ” alt + print “.

The capture is then saved in your computer’s memory.

Then you have to open an application to paste the capture in it.

You can open for example Paint , provided free with windows , but it works with Microsoft Word as well.

Once Paint is open, go to menu , then edit, and paste.
You can also press the ctrl + v keys.

Once the capture appeared in Paint . Go to menu then file and save as .

Choose a file name, then below, choose a file format: ” .jpg ” or ” .jpeg ” are perfect.

Screenshot in Mac OS:

It’s easier than for Windows!

To capture your entire screen, press the keys at the same time: Apple (” cmd ” on new keyboards) + Shift + 3.

To capture only part of your screen : Apple (” cmd ” on new keyboards) + Shift + 4.
The mouse will turn into a target. You only have to move and select by clicking the desired part.

Once the capture is done, a file will automatically be created on your desktop. This is an image file of type ” .png ” which is named image 1.png .

If you want to modify it you can double click on it and it will open in the Preview application.

Screen Capture Software:

If you have problems with the screenshot included by default on your operating system, know that there is free software:

Capture software for Windows:

Capture software for Mac:
Screenshot More

And after?

Once your capture is done:

You can send the file obtained by email as an attachment.
Or you can transfer your file to a usb key or external hard drive.

Go further with the screenshot

Software to record video your actions on your computer. They even allow you to record your voice.

It’s called a Screencast. The advantage?

You will be able to make commented tutorials of your software, while explaining its installation or its use.

If you’re interested, read my article: All About Screencast.

I wish you a very good day, and if you have any questions, contact me.