Install an Internet parental control easily and for free

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Do you want to install a parental control to protect your family from the risks of the internet?

Here is a complete file to inform you, and protect you from the dangers of the web.

First, What is parental control?

Parental control is software designed to limit children’s access to the Internet .

Its goal is to secure the use of the internet by children.
Free or paid, it is offered by all French Internet providers .

The recurring options in Parental Control are:

-The automatic limitation of the hours of use of the Internet.
-The blockage of pornographic, violent websites etc.
-Viewing children’s browsing history.

How does parental control work?

Generally, parental control works with a profile system:

Parents, you create your administrator profile, which you protect with a password.

Then you need to set up the profiles of your children. Even if most software has a preset setting, you will have to go back and adapt the protection to your child

Understand one thing, parental control helps you , but will not do everything for you. You must therefore adapt security; and after all, who knows your child better than you ?!

-You will have to set the time slots for internet access.
-You will have to create a blacklist of websites that you want to ban. (some control software, allow to see the sites visited by your children.)
Most parental control software has a list of already blocked websites.

Put in place parental control

There are many parental control software: pay and free.

By default, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer free control software .
They also provide installation and usage manuals:

– Orange (for windows and mac os)
Orange parental control

– Free (for windows and mac os)
Parental Control Free windows
Free Mac parental control

– SFR New (for windows and mac os)
Parental control SFR

– Bouygues Telecom (for windows and mac os)
Parental control Bouygues

– Darty (for windows and mac os)
Darty Parental Control

– Numéricable (for windows and mac os)
Numericable parental control


Companies specializing in IT security also offer their parental control solutions!

Norton offers a free service: Norton Online Family . (for windows and mac os)
Very clear and in French.

Kaspersky includes parental control in its Internet Security Secured Antivirus solution.

Same thing for McAfee with its Internet Security offer .

And after?

To summarize, a lot of parental control software exists.
Despite what they tell you, they will never block 100% risk sites !
Remember to set the software yourself.

If you need other information , here is the site set up by the State:
Family Info Net Ecoute

If you need technical help or advice on using parental controls
Do not hesitate to contact us!