7 Firefox extensions to surf faster on the internet

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Today, I want to introduce 8 extensions to install on your Firefox web browser.

These 8 small applications will make your life easier during your internet browsing.

What is a Firefox extension

These are usually utilities that are downloaded and installed on the web browser. These modules add features to Firefox: security, appearance, games, development etc …

You can access the list of all firefox “plugins” here:

How to install a Firefox extension.

From your browser, go to the Mozilla Firefox home page I mentioned earlier:

Just select the application you want and an option to add it:

To view and modify the extensions of Firefox, go to the top of the window in “TOOLS” then click on “COMPLEMENTARY MODULES”. In the new small window, click on the 2nd tab “EXTENSIONS”.

You can now access and adjust your add-ons.

The 7 free extensions for Firefox

I propose you to install 8 very practical extensions that will facilitate your daily internet browsing:

-Adblock More
This is an application that offers you to block all advertisements of web pages!

-Google Toolbar
As the name suggests, this is a Google extension. The “Toolbar” is a toolbar that is fixed under the menu bar firefox.

google toolbar

Google Toolbar offers various features including: a translation tool, a direct search box on the internet, shortcuts to Google sites, a spelling tool, etc. … ..

-Pdf Download
Allows you to manipulate pdf documents from Firefox: Download .pdf online on your computer for example.

– Fireshot
This addon allows you to take screenshots quickly from your web pages.

– Webmail Notifier
Once you have entered your email addresses in this extension, Webmail Notifier warns you when you receive an email. It works especially for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail …

Glazoom offers you the possibility to zoom in on any part of a web page: text and photos.

-Read it later
When you do not have time to read a web page that interests you, Read It Later backs it up for you.


I only offer 7 extensions, not because they are the only ones interesting, but because I find them very useful and I use them on a daily basis.

You should know that you should not install too many extensions, because they may slow down Firefox; which would cancel the interest of my post elsewhere ….

I advise you to install only the bare necessities for your daily use. No more than 10 extensions in my opinion.

For other tips, I invite you to read my previous article on how to secure your Firefox browser .

Good day and good surf !!!