3 free software to enter and clean your PC easily.

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You will have probably noticed, your operating system changes over time.

Your computer takes longer to start in the morning, Word takes time to open, new files appear on your desktop, your hard drive is strangely saturated etc …

And yes, all operating systems are tiring .
But rest assured, I will show you how to give a boost to your PC .

Today, the article will focus on the maintenance of your Windows operating system (valid for XP, Vista and Seven )
Tomorrow I will show you how to maintain your Mac OS system .

Ccleaner, your housekeeper


Ccleaner , is a software that will allow you to clean up unnecessary files to your computer : temporary files, cookies, cache etc.

It also offers you to clean your registry . And yes, with Windows time automatically create errors! Ccleaner, clean up all that .

And the good thing is that once the cleaning done, you will gain disk space!

To download CCleaner , here is a link to the CCleaner official website . (You can also go through 01net or Clubic )

Once downloaded, start the installation. Everything is done in French.

First choose the language: “French”
Then click on “next” and then on “I accept”.
In the next window, I usually uncheck the “3 boxes at the bottom”.
Then click on “Install”.

At the end of the installation, uncheck “see release notes”, and click “close”.

Ccleaner will launch automatically.

As you can see, you come to the tab (left) “Clean”.

By default, many boxes are checked. You can remove some, but avoid ticking boxes whose meaning you do not know .

In the top left, you will find 2 tabs: “Windows” and “Applications”.
Same thing, you can set the files to clean .

All you have to do is click on the “Clean” button at the bottom right.

The scan will start and delete non-essential files for Windows.

On the left side, you can see the “Register” button.
Click on “Search for errors”.

Once you have found the errors, click on the left button, “correct errors“.

A window will ask you if you want to perform a “backup of the registry”: answer “no”.

Then, another window will ask you to correct the errors: click on “correct all registry errors. “

It’s perfect!
I advise you to do a cleaning via Ccleaner once every 2 months .

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, “Victor the cleaner” (cf Nikita)


Apart from the many viruses , other types of spyware tend to settle illegally on your Windows .

Malwarebytes will allow you to flush out and delete them.

To download Malwarebytes , go to the Malwarebytes download page . (You can also go through 01net or Clubic )

The installation is in French and is quite simple.

At the end of the installation, you are asked to update Malwarebytes; answer “ok”.
Once update, Malwarebytes launches.

To start an exam, select “Run a quick exam” and then click on “search” on the bottom left.

Once the exam is finished, Malwarebytes informs you if infections have been discovered.
Click “OK” to view the results.

You must then delete “infected objects”.
Click on the button, bottom left, “delete selection”.

Once the selection is removed, click “Yes” to restart the computer .

At each new launch of Malwarebytes , I advise you to update the software .
Go to the “Update” tab, and click on “Check for Updates”

I advise you to run a Malwarebytes exam, once every 2 months .


Avira Antivir, your guardian angel every day


Antivir is simply a free antivirus , very interesting.
You can download it on 01 net .
The installation is in French.

Antivir is a resident software. It starts at the same time as windows . It does its updates automatically .

If a file is detected as dangerous a window opens automatically.
Choose what you want to do with the file:


Other free antivirus software exist: Avg and Avast for example. They are about the same level as Antivir .

Please note that a free Antivirus is for individuals .

If you are a professional , you must have a paid antivirus to protect your sensitive data :
Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee for example.

To intervene at many private individuals and companies, know that Malwarebytes and CCleaner , allowed me to clean 90% of infected or saturated computers.

I wish you a very good day, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate!