All About Computer Troubleshooting

The digital world in which we live, alongside the real world, is based on computers , tablets , smartphones and all kinds of connected objects that communicate and interact with each other. All these equipment must work in good conditions but are likely to fail at any time.

Computer Troubleshooting Mission

The mission of computer troubleshooting is to intervene to repair the computer that fails or equipment that malfunctions.

Even if, from one generation to the next, each piece of equipment becomes simpler and more reliable, the multiplication of software and applications, the increase in usage and the sophistication of interactions make computer troubleshooting even more critical. We all happen to be blocked one day by something that does not work as it should. An application that no longer starts, an object that does not connect, a computer that hangs, a smartphone that becomes very slow! The range of anomalies that can poison a whole day is limitless.

What exactly does computer troubleshooting cover?

But what exactly does computer troubleshooting cover? Which materials or equipment are affected? Are software programs also supported by computer troubleshooting? Is a watch, drone, speaker or console covered by computer troubleshooting?

Incorporating digital into almost any object could extend the spectrum of IT maintenance to almost anything. In a few years, we will certainly have a unique, easy-to-remember, four-digit phone number that can be called for any technical problem on any machine or equipment. A centralized service connected to all data banks will be able to troubleshoot and solve all technical problems!

In the meantime, computer troubleshooting concerns computers , servers , basic software , main equipment ensuring essential functions (printer, external hard drive, NAS, etc.) and everything that belongs to the internal network (box, router, etc.). Third-party applications, connected objects, and other devices benefit from technical support from the publishers and vendors who deliver them.

Without going into the traditional quarrel between the Apple , Microsoft and Google chapels, it must be admitted that iMac computers, iPhones and iPads are less consumers of computer troubleshooting than Windows or Android systems. Their evolution in a relatively closed environment as opposed to the opening of other platforms reduces conflicts and incompatibilities.

The intervention of a repair technician can be done in three different ways. Computer troubleshooting in the office or home of the user where a technician moves on site, computer troubleshooting in a shop or computer point of sale and finally remote computer troubleshooting where the user calls a support service to distance and where a technical advisor takes control of his equipment.

Computer troubleshooting at home or in the office

The computer repair of large companies is very organized for many years with IT services that intervene quickly on site. These services are also increasingly outsourced to IT companies as part of a global outsourcing movement.

Small businesses are served by a myriad of computer companies that provide hardware, software and a range of maintenance services including computer troubleshooting.

Individuals benefit from a tax benefit that reduces the cost of these benefits. This is the income tax credit equal to 50% of the expenses incurred for the provision of services to the person . Computer and Internet support expenses, which include computer troubleshooting, have a ceiling of only € 3,000 per year.

Individuals are generally served by the thousands of very small computer companies that span the territory. There are also networks of services to individuals (household, gardening, etc.) who have extended their activities to computer assistance such as Axeo Services or Viva Services . Finally, a brand present throughout the territory, Doctor Computer has specialized since 2002 in home computer troubleshooting, assistance, maintenance, training and installation of computer equipment.

Computer troubleshooting in a shop or specialized point of sale

It is of course quite possible to take your computer and have it repaired in a computer store . There are a few thousand specialty shops that sell hardware and software and provide computer repair services. However, it is necessary to move, carry his equipment and leave it on the spot for a few days in general.

There are large networks such as Fnac / Darty, Boulanger, Ldlc or Cybertek that instead troubleshoot the products they sell. There are also thousands of independent shops that have the flexibility to help with however a great heterogeneity in terms of quality.

Remote computer troubleshooting

It is now possible to troubleshoot remote computers . The tools for getting started with the Internet of a device work very well. A technician can intervene from a distance by telephone, establish a diagnosis and provide the right solution. After logging in, he can see the screen as if he is behind the computer, he can tune on his keyboard as if it was the equipment in trouble and he can move the mouse with his. But he is not in the same place. He is elsewhere in France or 12,000 km and he controls the computer as if he was there.

Super Geek has developed a unique skill recognized by its users to remotely troubleshoot computers.

Diagnosis of the computer failure

A good computer troubleshooting starts with a good diagnosis and this is not always easy. Difficulties of communication between a technician who masters the subject perfectly and a novice who is struggling to use the appropriate specialized vocabulary may sometimes lead to a misdiagnosis.

The diagnosis works with two steps: the first is summary and often allows a first filtering. The second is more detailed but is not always necessary if the first one has succeeded. The case of the power button is off is a classic summary diagnosis followed by almost immediate computer troubleshooting.

The diagnosis includes the description of the anomaly and the determination of the hardware and software concerned. The technician who intervenes must help the user to express his problem: what kind of anomaly (complete blocking of the computer, slowdown , non – performance of a task or a feature, etc.), when or how frequency (always, from time to time, rarely, randomly, depending on certain actions, etc.), how long, what has changed, etc.

Diagnostic tools are often used by computer repair technicians who know what questions to ask based on previous answers. Some of these tools are available to the general public in simple cases of diagnostic assistance. It is likely that in the next five years, sufficiently advanced tools will carry out most of the diagnosis upstream.

Breakdowns and hardware failures

The technological progress of the last ten years has focused much on the robustness of hardware equipment. Equipment failures can of course occur, but their frequency has decreased considerably.

The second major development is influenced by economic considerations: a faulty material is increasingly replaced by new equipment instead of being repaired . Sophistication of equipment and lower costs often make the cost of repair greater than the cost of replacement to nine.

The development of e-commerce and fast delivery has also changed some of the practices of computer troubleshooting during equipment failure. Internet ordering of the defective part followed by delivery in less than 24 hours has become a reality.

Finally, the standardization of the connections and the standardization of the parts make the change of the defective part accessible by non-technical users.

The needs of individuals in computer troubleshooting

The needs of individuals are quite diverse but the majority of problems are not solved through a computer repairer. Everyone who is lucky to have a geek around them do not hesitate to consult him. Many spend time on sites and forums trying to find the solution to their problem. Often also, for legitimate economic reasons, the user gives up the difficulty and circumvents the problem.

Here are the broad categories of the most common problems typically dealt with by computer troubleshooting.

How to restart a blocked computer?

The most classic situation of computer repair and that of the computer which is blocked and which refuses to start . The diagnosis after a few tests determines the nature of the problem and the extent of the resolution. Simple cases are resolved through a safe mode restart , and the more complex cases require reinstallation of the operating system with laborious gymnastics for data recovery.

How to get rid of viruses and other malware

It often happens that a poorly or poorly protected computer is exposed to viruses or more generally malware. The recent period has seen the proliferation of ransomware that encrypts the data and demands ransom. A fairly common action in computer troubleshooting is to eliminate these attacks, install an antivirus and explain to the user what are the good practices to protect his computer and data.

How to optimize and clean a slow computer

A computer can become slow for a variety of reasons. The hard disk may be close to saturation, the number of software that runs as background tasks is too high, malware may be present, corrupted files may disrupt the operating system, and so on. The causes of slowdowns can be diagnosed fairly quickly by Windows tools or by third-party software like ccleaner. Cleaning a computer is an action that needs to be done regularly. Technicians involved in technical support can show the user the usual operations to undertake.

How to recover lost data

Not everyone has a regular backup of their data . Everyone does not store their data in the cloud where they are naturally preserved. Sometimes unfortunate actions, mishandling or even viruses destroy files and directories. Technicians who intervene for computer repairs are often faced with the drama that can be the loss of expensive or critical data . Data recovery interventions are probably the most delicate and uncertain tasks in the field of computer repair. Some companies have specialized in recovering data from a damaged hard disk or a USB stick that has become unreadable. A technician who intervenes in a service of this nature ends his service by recommending the best solutions for storing and saving data.

Install, reinstall or update Windows

Whether upgrading to a new version of Windows (such as when upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10) or reinstalling the operating system , a computer service provider is required does not feel comfortable with this operation.

Installing, reinstalling, or updating Windows is a relatively heavy operation during which the user must be able to respond to requests from the operating system. All technophiles are generally doing well but others may find themselves disarmed at one stage of the process.

How to solve a problem of Internet connection and Wi-Fi

In our ultra-connected world, the loss of the Internet connection can become as dramatic as a power outage. Difficulties in finding a Wi-Fi signal can undermine a day’s work. Computer troubleshooting includes troubleshooting connection problems when they become frequent or when they last a long time. Sometimes interactions with the ISP are necessary.

Set up a computer and install the basic software

IT support covers the initial stage of bringing a computer into service. Even though many users are doing this initial installation themselves, some people, especially seniors, do not feel comfortable with the configuration of a computer . A fairly standard service at many computer resellers is to deliver a turnkey PC with all the basic software. This service can even be extended to the setting of the messaging and the office suite and a small training including the handling of the machine.

Install and configure software

Installing and configuring software is not really part of computer troubleshooting. These are tasks that are more about computer assistance and that a professional can do to help a new user. In some cases, the installation and configuration of software are provided by the software publisher who accompanies its customers.

The needs of professionals and small businesses in computer repair

The needs of professionals and small businesses naturally meet the needs of individuals. Whether it’s a virus problem, a slow computer, a reinstallation of the operating system, an Internet connection or Wi-Fi, computer troubleshooting in a business can rely on the same processes than those that are deployed for the individual.

The use of more sophisticated networks with multiple connected devices or the existence of servers that must remain operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, naturally makes computer troubleshooting more complex .

Installation and configuration of workstations

Even though the installation and configuration of a workstation is close to the installation and configuration of a computer for the individual, this is a classic in the professional environment and hardware suppliers usually include it in their benefits. When the number of identical computers to be configured is high, the service passes by the production of a duplicate main disk then identical on all the stations.

Server maintenance and monitoring

Many professionals and small businesses have servers that have to work continuously. Computer troubleshooting of a server has similarities to computers. Operating systems (Linux or Windows NT family) are however different and introduce additional complexities. Operation in 24 × 7 mode is more restrictive and interventions must generally be done without interruption of services. Server monitoring or monitoring is an often automated action that detects incidents before they occur.

Corporate Messaging

One of the first applications within a company was historically messaging . Its central nature and its strategic side in communication make its normal functioning vital. Threats and malfunctions can sometimes weaken it and make it critical .

Preventive maintenance

Most professionals and companies subscribe maintenance contracts in which the provider undertakes to intervene in case of computer failure. However, its mission is primarily to anticipate problems by putting in place the appropriate infrastructure so that incidents occur as little as possible. Preventive maintenance aims to reduce any calls to a technical hotline and to avoid emergency computer repairs.

Computer troubleshooting tools

The tools of the computer troubleshooter are very numerous. First, there are all the administrative tools and drivers that come with the Windows operating system. Software for antivirus and computer security vendors are also very often used because they identify potential threats and very often include utilities to boost performance . A very common tool for cleaning computers and troubleshooting is ccleaner from Piriform.

Teamviewer is also a very common tool because it allows the remote control of a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. It is essential in remote computer troubleshooting and also allows remote monitoring of a computer network.


Many computer troubleshooting situations actually reveal the user’s lack of computer literacy. Some interventions do not require any repair but end with a training session and explanation.

For many novice users, there is a confusion between a real dysfunction and a misunderstanding of normal operations, but probably too complex.

Training in new technological tools and information technology needs to be further developed in our country. Its weaknesses make it frequently interact with computer troubleshooting.

Support and IT support

Support and IT support fall into the broad category of computer maintenance as well as computer troubleshooting. However, they cover broader issues including installation and configuration, training, answering general questions disconnected from any failure, helping users discover tools and software, and so on.

The computer hotline

Most large companies make computer hotlines available to their employees from which they can turn for their IT needs or failures.

Computer builders, software publishers and large distributors also make computer hotlines available to their customers to help them in their use or to troubleshoot them.

Super Geek is a hotline independent of any hardware, any software or any distributor. Its mission is to troubleshoot individuals , professionals, and small businesses that have problems with their computer users. Super Geek is the remote computer troubleshooting solution.

Security and privacy issues

A troubleshooter who intervenes on a computer can have access to its contents. Between emails, Internet browsing, saved passwords, folders and files, whole areas of life can be accessed.

One must be very careful before entrusting the troubleshooting of his computer to a computer scientist. It is important to ensure reputation and belonging to a structured organization that guarantees the confidentiality and security of its interventions.

During remote troubleshooting, the user can stay behind his screen and follow the technician’s handling. If he does not have the time, he must know that the entire intervention can be recorded and that he can posteriorly visualize the manipulations that have been carried out.

External hard drive not recognized by your operating system

” Plug and play ” is more than twenty years old, an eternity in the field of technology, but it still happens, sometimes, not to keep its promises. Thus some compatibility issues such as an unrecognized external hard drive may occur. The sarcastic “plug and pray” then resumes service and only the old hackers manage to get away by finding their reflexes of yesteryear.

At a time when everything is easy and fast, frustration can become explosive when the external , state-of-the-art hard disk you just bought to store all your videos plays with your operating system. who refuses to recognize him.

On the packaging, however, it was said that it was sufficient to connect the USB cable to conquer these terabytes blank. The afternoon of pleasure you glimpsed darkens and you hesitate to phone a friend to help you out, go back to the store for salespeople to explain, or surf the technical forums to become a real geek!

The Super Geek advisers who can accompany you by phone to the 36 20 offer these tips to get you out with your unrecognized external hard drive if you have the courage to face only the vagaries of technology.

Simple rules to solve the problem of unrecognized external hard drive

The first rule to quickly identify the weakest link is to test in a comparative way: ideally, when you are over-equipped, you try to connect to another computer or to another USB port or to another cable . Sometimes this approach can quickly work around the problem or identify the cause.

The second rule should make you suspect that your antivirus may be too zealous to protect you and block or filter or disrupt your new DDE (external hard drive). You must then study the settings of your antivirus to disable certain restrictions or allow this new equipment.

Still in the field of quick and easy diagnostics, it may be worthwhile trying to reinstall the USB port controller drivers . The operation is relatively simple for the one who has some notions in this field. It varies depending on the version of the operating system but stays within two to three clicks in the right place in the device manager.

More elaborate rules for handling hard disks

There is a tool, the disk manager , which allows you to manage the disks and in particular to format them. Generally this operation is not necessary but it can solve certain situations. The formatting of the hard disk is to configure it so that it can communicate correctly with Windows and exchange the information on the files and data contained. This step requires not to be frightened by acronyms like FAT32 or NTFS and to understand the notion of partition.

The formatting of a hard disk by mistake is not recoverable if there is no data backup. This is an operation that erases all existing data and can have dramatic consequences if it is incorrectly applied to the wrong drive.

It also happens sometimes that a change of letter like (D ๐Ÿ™‚ or (E ๐Ÿ™‚ or (F ๐Ÿ™‚ miraculously solves the blocking. The disk will appear in the list of resources on your PC and the conflict is over.

Useful information for external hard drives

An external hard drive usually plugs into a USB port. There are two types corresponding to two different generations: 2.0 and 3.0 . The data rates are ten times faster with the latest generation, so you have to favor USB 3.0 ports to fully enjoy the power of the hard disk . The 2.0 ports still exist on recent computers to ensure compatibility with older equipment. This helps prevent one of our older external hard drives from being recognized by our operating system after acquiring a new computer .

When the storage space required is not very high, USB sticks are an interesting alternative to external hard drives. Everything is electronic and there is more mechanics with platters that turn at speeds of hell!

Cloud, Server or NAS: The Right Choice for Small Businesses

Whatever the activity of the professional , even if he is independent and working alone, he manipulates data that he must keep and protect. Depending on his work habits, his digital information may be more or less extensive: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, invoices, accounting data, inventory, images, audio or video recordings, emails, databases, prospect files / clients , mail arrived, etc.

It is now accepted that the digitization of all the data of a company contributes to a better performance if it is accompanied by the adequate training and the implementation of good practices.

How to store the data of a small company?

How to store the data of a small company? What are the different solutions and possible organizations? How to reconcile ease of access with security ? Is it necessary to have a server for an activity with a few employees? How to reduce the cost of the information system?

Of course, there is not one universal solution that fits all needs. There is the weight of habits with the server in a local corporate network and there is the trend of the future with a totally cloud-based approach .

A server connected to the local network of the company

The server is a computer that is connected to the local network of the enterprise, which must be running continuously and is usually built around redundant and reliable hardware to provide a 24 x 7 service. A server allows you to share files or databases data, manage corporate email, share resources such as printers, and host externally accessible websites.

Some servers whose only function is file sharing are called NAS (Network Attached Storage) or networked storage servers. In addition to local sharing, it is also possible to access files over the Internet. These devices are a cost-effective alternative and easier to manage in the limited cases of file sharing.

The local network of the company

The building of a local network is relatively simple. Each device you want to connect (computer, printer, server, etc.) must have a network card and an Ethernet jack into which a cable is plugged. The connection of different devices is done with a switch (switch) that receives various cables. Boxes of Internet service providers can play this role when there is very little equipment to connect. It is also possible to create a local network over Wi-Fi without the hassle of wiring.

Cloud storage

Cloud is a term that refers to the use of the Internet for storing data and applications. They are actually stored on server hard drives that are in data centers ( data centers ) around the world. The largest companies in the sector (Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) offer these hosting services and provide a high level of service with a strong redundancy of equipment that ensures data backup.

The key points determining the choice of good architecture

The main key points that are decisive for the choice of a solution are:

1 ° / Quality of the Internet connection: the use of Internet applications and the storage of data in the Cloud (for example with the Google G Suite office suite) requires a good Internet connection. It is unnecessary to consider this approach if the link has average rates or if it can be unstable .

2 ° / Specifications of the business software solution used: in some professions or for certain types of companies, the choice of a business software solution may be rather limited and the specifications may be restrictive. In these cases, the architecture is often imposed by the chosen solution.

3 ° / Financial aspects: the installation of a server is a hardware investment as opposed to a Cloud solution that corresponds to a lease . Depending on the applications used and volumes involved, the economic equation that would be unfavorable to the server within the company could be more or less pronounced.

4 ° / Feeling of security: provided that the security procedures are well established, the use of a server within the company may seem more reassuring . This is a sense of security in relation to the limited trust that some may still have in hosting providers and the cloud more generally.

5 ° / Technical skills: the administration of a server requires the sharp skills of a system engineer . It can intervene punctually remotely but its presence in the device must be planned and can become expensive.

6 ° / Work habits: the arbitration between the immediate performance through the maintenance of work habits and the culture of change with the introduction of new tools naturally impacts decision-making in a rather strategic way.

The uses of a server within a small business

The storage of data , whether files organized into directories or databases, is one of the uses of a computer server installed within a company. A server can meet many other needs. It can act as a printer server by allowing multiple workstations to share one or more.

The server can also centralize a list of users and devices and allow the management of rights and permissions. In Windows environments this feature is provided by Active Directory which lists what is on the local network and which allows its administration.

It can also process the company’s e-mail by receiving incoming e-mails and dispatching them to the different users. Likewise, he can send outgoing emails.

The server can also act as a web server by allowing external users to access Internet applications that it hosts.

The cost of a server is in thousands of euros depending on its power and capacity. The cost of a storage server type NAS , limited to file storage, is in hundreds of euros.

In some professions, the choice of a server in the local network of the company is required for regulatory issues. The professional who must commit to the data storage location and the backup methods can do so because he has control over the entire system infrastructure .

How the company has migrated its applications and data into the cloud

A company may decide not to create complicated infrastructures with one or more servers and to host its applications and data in the cloud (or online) . A user can access it by using an Internet browser from any workstation or from a tablet or smartphone.

It identifies itself with a user name and a password and then accesses the various applications and contents.

The best-known online office solution is Google’s G Suite . It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a calendar, a presentation tool, and many other small applications. It is compatible with Office data but does not have all the features and sophistication of the equivalent suite at Microsoft . All data is stored in the cloud but can, if necessary, be downloaded. The subscription for the Google suite varies between 4 and 8 euros per month per user.

In the same way that there was a plethora of software in the Windows environment, the evolution towards online solutions allows to have an equivalent choice that works more on all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.).

Whether it’s a CRM , an ERP , a database access or a business application , the costs usually have the same structure with a subscription per month and per person. This approach is one of the great strengths of the Cloud that allows a company to be very flexible and align its costs with its usage . No need to make disproportionate investments in infrastructure acquisition and software licenses.

Administration is also simplified because there is no longer any need to deploy software on workstations. Some companies do not hesitate to reduce the content of the computer to the bare minimum using essentially a browser to access applications and online content.

Vlc, the Swiss army knife

Are you tired of downloading new codecs for each new video you watch? Windows media player does not want to read your holiday movie??

VLC is THE software you need to watch and listen to your multimedia content : movies, music, radio and television.

Vlc media player is a free software created by French students in 2001 under the association VIDEOLAN.

It is today THE reference of software: It is light and easy to install. Available for mac os, windows, linux, android etc …

VLC free download.

It allows you to play your dvd and mp3, but can also play network streams to watch DTT or listen to your favorite radio.

The installation of vlc

Once VLC downloaded (link above), start installation. All you need to do is follow the installation guide in French.

Attention, once vlc installed, it can appear under the name “videolan” in the list of your programs under Windows.

To play your dvd, or mp3, just launch VLC then go to the “Media” menu or “Mac File”, and click on “Open a file”.

The video with vlc

Vlc can read almost all the different video formats available on the internet: .avi, .mov, .mkv etc …

It manages the subtitles and the different languages โ€‹โ€‹of your dvd.
You can adapt the screen format. In 2 clicks, you can go from 16/9 to 4/3.
The image is resizable live, without loss of quality .

You can also watch streaming video (live).

Go to the “Media” tab, then click “open a network feed”.
Simply paste the address “http: // …. From the remote stream and its visualization will launch.
You can, with this process, watch live television.

Open a network feed – vlc

I prepared a tutorial specifically for this; just click on the link below.
To watch TV on VLC.

Music and radio with Vlc

Just like for videos, vlc media player can read the many musical file formats: .mp3, .asf, .wmv, .wma etc …

Thanks to the “playlist” accessible via the “View” or “Window under Mac” tab, the different titles of your favorite album are displayed.

To listen to the radio is very simple. You need the stream of your favorite radio.

Examples of radio streams:

France Inter :
Virgin Radio : mms: //

Copy paste the address into “Media”, then “Open Network Stream”. And the radio starts.

If you have problems with VLC, do not hesitate to contact me.

Listen to music for free and legally

Are you a music fan like everyone else ?! Hadopi here, Hadopi there … Ok!

Here is a list of legal internet sites, music online or download!

Attention there is something for everyone!

French music sites

– Sublistime : completely free and unlimited site for listening to music online. logo

The Sublistime site allows you to create playlists ( list of music tracks ). The bank of music available comes from youtube, dailymotion and souncloud . You enter the artist you want to listen to, and all available titles are shown to you. But enough blah, here is their presentation video in French:

[vimeo 31673141]

-Deezer : The best known, to listen to your music legally.

logo de

Deezer is a bank of 15 million songs to listen to free online . The songs are not always well referenced, and there are many ads.

The best is to create a free account. This entitles you to 5 hours of free and unlimited listening per month . There is always a little pub, but the offer is more than honest.

By registering, you have unlimited unlimited advertising for 7 days ( does not include a mobile offer .)

To have the all-unlimited offer working with your mobile phone, you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month.

-Beezik : For those who want to download their favorite tracks ….

logo beezik

Beezik is a free music download site! Beezik has a catalog of 2 million pieces . You create your free account.

Once registered you can download the pieces of the catalogs you want in mp3 .

But free at a price. With each download you will have to click on one of the advertising inserts … In some cases you will have, if you choose a facebook ad, add a ” jaime ” to the corresponding mark.

However each download gives you points. You can then convert your points into discount vouchers in the following areas:

-MucicMe : The clone of Deezer, in more class.

Logo de MuiscMe

MusicMe is 6.6 million titles . A free online reading offer with advertising. Ability to download by paying. Tariffed offers are available for the unlimited.

-RadioMee : To listen to radio and podcasts.

Logo site internet RadioMee

RadioMee is a free website for streaming live over 10,000 radio stations from around the world directly from your computer or mobile phone. Podcasts (reruns of your favorite shows) are also available for free.

Attention for 10% of radios, you will download the plugin ” windows media player ” for your internet browser (Firefox for example). It’s free and risk free.

English music sites

-Grooveshark : The Social Music Network.

logo site web Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a free listening site, unlimited and largely in French!

You create your profile, like on twitter or facebook . You create your playlists, import your titles, and can share them with other members of the site.

The mobile version is unfortunately paying $ 9 a month. In addition, to run the application on Iphone or Ipad, IOS must crack … bof bof.

Hoping you have been useful!
If you have any concerns about the use or registration on any of these sites, do not hesitate to contact us!

Install an Internet parental control easily and for free

Do you want to install a parental control to protect your family from the risks of the internet?

Here is a complete file to inform you, and protect you from the dangers of the web.

First, What is parental control?

Parental control is software designed to limit children’s access to the Internet .

Its goal is to secure the use of the internet by children.
Free or paid, it is offered by all French Internet providers .

The recurring options in Parental Control are:

-The automatic limitation of the hours of use of the Internet.
-The blockage of pornographic, violent websites etc.
-Viewing children’s browsing history.

How does parental control work?

Generally, parental control works with a profile system:

Parents, you create your administrator profile, which you protect with a password.

Then you need to set up the profiles of your children. Even if most software has a preset setting, you will have to go back and adapt the protection to your child

Understand one thing, parental control helps you , but will not do everything for you. You must therefore adapt security; and after all, who knows your child better than you ?!

-You will have to set the time slots for internet access.
-You will have to create a blacklist of websites that you want to ban. (some control software, allow to see the sites visited by your children.)
Most parental control software has a list of already blocked websites.

Put in place parental control

There are many parental control software: pay and free.

By default, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer free control software .
They also provide installation and usage manuals:

– Orange (for windows and mac os)
Orange parental control

– Free (for windows and mac os)
Parental Control Free windows
Free Mac parental control

– SFR New (for windows and mac os)
Parental control SFR

– Bouygues Telecom (for windows and mac os)
Parental control Bouygues

– Darty (for windows and mac os)
Darty Parental Control

– Numéricable (for windows and mac os)
Numericable parental control


Companies specializing in IT security also offer their parental control solutions!

Norton offers a free service: Norton Online Family . (for windows and mac os)
Very clear and in French.

Kaspersky includes parental control in its Internet Security Secured Antivirus solution.

Same thing for McAfee with its Internet Security offer .

And after?

To summarize, a lot of parental control software exists.
Despite what they tell you, they will never block 100% risk sites !
Remember to set the software yourself.

If you need other information , here is the site set up by the State:
Family Info Net Ecoute

If you need technical help or advice on using parental controls
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Make a computer screenshot

Why take a screenshot?

The screenshot allows you to freeze your computer.screen in a file.

An error message appears on the screen and you want to communicate it to your computer repairer?
Rather than describing the message on a piece of paper, take a screenshot of your screen and send it to your repairer.

How to make a screenshot?

By default, Windows and Mac OS operating systems allow you to take screenshots.

Screenshot in Windows:

To capture your entire screen click on the ” Print ” button (or ” Scrn ” or ” Syst screen print ” depending on the type of keyboard you have).

If you want to capture only part of your screen , you have to press ” alt + print “.

The capture is then saved in your computer’s memory.

Then you have to open an application to paste the capture in it.

You can open for example Paint , provided free with windows , but it works with Microsoft Word as well.

Once Paint is open, go to menu , then edit, and paste.
You can also press the ctrl + v keys.

Once the capture appeared in Paint . Go to menu then file and save as .

Choose a file name, then below, choose a file format: ” .jpg ” or ” .jpeg ” are perfect.

Screenshot in Mac OS:

It’s easier than for Windows!

To capture your entire screen, press the keys at the same time: Apple (” cmd ” on new keyboards) + Shift + 3.

To capture only part of your screen : Apple (” cmd ” on new keyboards) + Shift + 4.
The mouse will turn into a target. You only have to move and select by clicking the desired part.

Once the capture is done, a file will automatically be created on your desktop. This is an image file of type ” .png ” which is named image 1.png .

If you want to modify it you can double click on it and it will open in the Preview application.

Screen Capture Software:

If you have problems with the screenshot included by default on your operating system, know that there is free software:

Capture software for Windows:

Capture software for Mac:
Screenshot More

And after?

Once your capture is done:

You can send the file obtained by email as an attachment.
Or you can transfer your file to a usb key or external hard drive.

Go further with the screenshot

Software to record video your actions on your computer. They even allow you to record your voice.

It’s called a Screencast. The advantage?

You will be able to make commented tutorials of your software, while explaining its installation or its use.

If you’re interested, read my article: All About Screencast.

I wish you a very good day, and if you have any questions, contact me. 

3 free software to enter and clean your PC easily.

You will have probably noticed, your operating system changes over time.

Your computer takes longer to start in the morning, Word takes time to open, new files appear on your desktop, your hard drive is strangely saturated etc …

And yes, all operating systems are tiring .
But rest assured, I will show you how to give a boost to your PC .

Today, the article will focus on the maintenance of your Windows operating system (valid for XP, Vista and Seven )
Tomorrow I will show you how to maintain your Mac OS system .

Ccleaner, your housekeeper


Ccleaner , is a software that will allow you to clean up unnecessary files to your computer : temporary files, cookies, cache etc.

It also offers you to clean your registry . And yes, with Windows time automatically create errors! Ccleaner, clean up all that .

And the good thing is that once the cleaning done, you will gain disk space!

To download CCleaner , here is a link to the CCleaner official website . (You can also go through 01net or Clubic )

Once downloaded, start the installation. Everything is done in French.

First choose the language: “French”
Then click on “next” and then on “I accept”.
In the next window, I usually uncheck the “3 boxes at the bottom”.
Then click on “Install”.

At the end of the installation, uncheck “see release notes”, and click “close”.

Ccleaner will launch automatically.

As you can see, you come to the tab (left) “Clean”.

By default, many boxes are checked. You can remove some, but avoid ticking boxes whose meaning you do not know .

In the top left, you will find 2 tabs: “Windows” and “Applications”.
Same thing, you can set the files to clean .

All you have to do is click on the “Clean” button at the bottom right.

The scan will start and delete non-essential files for Windows.

On the left side, you can see the “Register” button.
Click on “Search for errors”.

Once you have found the errors, click on the left button, “correct errors“.

A window will ask you if you want to perform a “backup of the registry”: answer “no”.

Then, another window will ask you to correct the errors: click on “correct all registry errors. “

It’s perfect!
I advise you to do a cleaning via Ccleaner once every 2 months .

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, “Victor the cleaner” (cf Nikita)


Apart from the many viruses , other types of spyware tend to settle illegally on your Windows .

Malwarebytes will allow you to flush out and delete them.

To download Malwarebytes , go to the Malwarebytes download page . (You can also go through 01net or Clubic )

The installation is in French and is quite simple.

At the end of the installation, you are asked to update Malwarebytes; answer “ok”.
Once update, Malwarebytes launches.

To start an exam, select “Run a quick exam” and then click on “search” on the bottom left.

Once the exam is finished, Malwarebytes informs you if infections have been discovered.
Click “OK” to view the results.

You must then delete “infected objects”.
Click on the button, bottom left, “delete selection”.

Once the selection is removed, click “Yes” to restart the computer .

At each new launch of Malwarebytes , I advise you to update the software .
Go to the “Update” tab, and click on “Check for Updates”

I advise you to run a Malwarebytes exam, once every 2 months .


Avira Antivir, your guardian angel every day


Antivir is simply a free antivirus , very interesting.
You can download it on 01 net .
The installation is in French.

Antivir is a resident software. It starts at the same time as windows . It does its updates automatically .

If a file is detected as dangerous a window opens automatically.
Choose what you want to do with the file:


Other free antivirus software exist: Avg and Avast for example. They are about the same level as Antivir .

Please note that a free Antivirus is for individuals .

If you are a professional , you must have a paid antivirus to protect your sensitive data :
Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee for example.

To intervene at many private individuals and companies, know that Malwarebytes and CCleaner , allowed me to clean 90% of infected or saturated computers.

I wish you a very good day, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate!

7 Firefox extensions to surf faster on the internet

Today, I want to introduce 8 extensions to install on your Firefox web browser.

These 8 small applications will make your life easier during your internet browsing.

What is a Firefox extension

These are usually utilities that are downloaded and installed on the web browser. These modules add features to Firefox: security, appearance, games, development etc …

You can access the list of all firefox “plugins” here:

How to install a Firefox extension.

From your browser, go to the Mozilla Firefox home page I mentioned earlier:

Just select the application you want and an option to add it:

To view and modify the extensions of Firefox, go to the top of the window in “TOOLS” then click on “COMPLEMENTARY MODULES”. In the new small window, click on the 2nd tab “EXTENSIONS”.

You can now access and adjust your add-ons.

The 7 free extensions for Firefox

I propose you to install 8 very practical extensions that will facilitate your daily internet browsing:

-Adblock More
This is an application that offers you to block all advertisements of web pages!

-Google Toolbar
As the name suggests, this is a Google extension. The “Toolbar” is a toolbar that is fixed under the menu bar firefox.

google toolbar

Google Toolbar offers various features including: a translation tool, a direct search box on the internet, shortcuts to Google sites, a spelling tool, etc. … ..

-Pdf Download
Allows you to manipulate pdf documents from Firefox: Download .pdf online on your computer for example.

– Fireshot
This addon allows you to take screenshots quickly from your web pages.

– Webmail Notifier
Once you have entered your email addresses in this extension, Webmail Notifier warns you when you receive an email. It works especially for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail …

Glazoom offers you the possibility to zoom in on any part of a web page: text and photos.

-Read it later
When you do not have time to read a web page that interests you, Read It Later backs it up for you.


I only offer 7 extensions, not because they are the only ones interesting, but because I find them very useful and I use them on a daily basis.

You should know that you should not install too many extensions, because they may slow down Firefox; which would cancel the interest of my post elsewhere ….

I advise you to install only the bare necessities for your daily use. No more than 10 extensions in my opinion.

For other tips, I invite you to read my previous article on how to secure your Firefox browser .

Good day and good surf !!!

Procedures for transferring MySQL databases from one server to another in SSH

When doing a site transfer or a database restore you may need to transfer a MySQL database from one FTP server to another.
The solution we will offer you is to save the database on the FTP and insert it directly into SSH.
Here we will add a step to know how to save the database in SSH and transfer this database directly from server to server without going through your machine (so no more worries of bandwidth).

We will admit here that you know how to connect in SSH on your server.

To save the database:
mysqldump -h -u User -p Database > backup.sql

To transfer the database from one server to another:
The easiest way is to connect to FTP on the host server via the server on which we have to recover the database.

We connect
We recover
mget backup.sql (and we validate)

To restore the database:
mysql -h -u User -p Database < backup.sql

It is also possible to back up the database directly to the target server directly to save time if you do not need to backup to your first server.